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The future might not be a disaster if we have the right stories to guide us.

Stories to Change the World is a publishing house located in Portland, OR. Our first book, which shares the same title, is an all ages short story collection depicting positive and possible futures. Run as a contest, the youth and adult authors came from a wide array of demographics with the intention of including all voices. To stay informed, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Final Cover 2018

To balance the overwhelming quantity of apocalyptic literature, Stories to Change the World puts forward stories that are both hopeful and realistic. Focusing on young, underrepresented, and emerging authors,  STCTW declares that by defining what we think is possible and sharing it with the world,  all people can be writers of the future. Building a better future begins with a culture capable of picturing it.

Together, we empower earthlings to organize above the challenges of our current global affairs.

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Office Hours: 12pm-6pm Sundays, 4pm-8pm Wednesdays PST

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