About the Producer

Alexis Thompson was born at OHSU in Portland, Oregon. Her early childhood experiences with poverty and mixed-race-phobia informed her that she was a ground breaking, terrifying, and unstoppable life-force.

She began a pursuit of environmental justice at a very early age, inspired greatly by Outdoor School, and Jean-Michel Cousteau. Equal access to decent air quality and healthy foods were her focus of study and activism through her six years of undergraduate education. Following college, she traveled the world visiting urban and sustainable farms predominantly in France. She has since settled in at home as the Chef and Gardener at a Spanish-English preschool.

“I run this contest because I understand that ‘changing the world’ is something that everyone is constantly doing. I help people discover that truth and put more intention behind their fantasies. The stories are not about utopias, they are about realistic change.”

Her life outside the contest is filled with cooking and gardening for children, writing a book Feeding Children, and making plans to open a Food Museum.

Follow her on Instagram @storiestochangetheworld