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In order to create a better future, we urge all people to dream of possibilities, write them down, and share their visions with others.

Stories to Change the World is a short story contest for youth and adults which builds the body of literature depicting positive and possible futures. It also offers grassroots organizing experience to youth in Portland, Oregon through our Community Organizing Internship. To stay informed about our next call for submissions follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Party to change the world

To balance with the overwhelming quantity of apocalyptic literature Stories to Change the World builds the body of literature depicting positive and possible futures. For its third year in a row, the contest will be open for submissions December 1st through March 4th, inspiring writers from all walks of life to decide what might happen if things go right. A diverse panel of judges then evaluates the stories based on creativity, practicality, and writing strength, selecting our cash prize winners. Up to 20 submissions are selected for our book publication, Stories to Change the World, currently available at Tender Loving Empire, Hawthorne. We also throw a smashing book release party where writers and stakeholders share their visions for the future, leaving spectators inspired and collaborators honored through a backdrop of live music and delicious food.

Stories to Change the World inspires its business and non-profit sponsors to see their work as puzzle pieces of building a better future. It empowers the community members serving as judges to view themselves as experts on what a better future can bring while connecting them to folks with differing opinions on what those futures could bring. The contest informs all people that they can be writers of the future, by defining what they think is possible and sharing it with the world. In the end, we have positive media rolling through our collective consciousness. Building a better future begins with a collective capable of picturing it.

Together, we create a book which empowers earthlings to organize above the challenges of our current affairs.

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