We are always looking for short stories, poems, and visual art, which align with our mission to include on our blog, Instagram, Facebook, or future printed publications. We often offer specific prompts in those locations.

Additionally, there are three book publications in gestation.

  1. Youth on Food, a collection of essays written by youth, evaluating current and future food systems. This is an opportunity for youth to share their concerns,  hopes, and analysis of food systems as a vehicle for change. The result is a book which simultaneously informs future leaders of cruxes for action, as well showcase the extreme talent and innovation of youth today.
  2.  Modern, Indigenous, a mixed-media exploration of today’s native peoples through the eyes of native peoples throughout the world. Subject matter will include exposure of current day systems of oppression and strength in culture. The purposes are to generate income for artists in indigenous communities, and inform peers and allies.
  3. Ethical Clothes are Possible, stories from contributors to the sustainable fashion industry. This easy read is made to abolish the notion that ethical clothing is inaccessible. We will use interviews, short stories, and essays to disperse the knowledge of designers, marketers, fabric makers, and resale experts.

To share your stories and art through our channels, simply email your work as an attachment to and include the disclosure statement “I, your name, give Stories to Change the World permission to use my submitted story for commercial uses. Name of piece is my original work and is not owned by any entity other than myself.”

You maintain ownership of your piece, while allowing us to use it in whichever channel* we find fitting. If the piece needs revisions before publication, we will discuss those with you. If small grammatical errors are found, we will make those changes without notification.

You will always receive credit for your writing, using the name provided in your disclosure statement. You may also provide us links to your bio, website, or social media pages so we may best connect your authorship to the publication/s in our channels. In some scenarios, we may not be able to include those links.

Stories to Change the World does not charge a fee for promoting your work. At this time, we are also unable to provide payment for using it. In the case of book publications, contest prizes or royalties may apply in your benefit. We will notify you before using your work for book publication. We may use excerpts of your piece/s for pamphlets or other printed works.

Have something else to share? Tell us here.

*Channel refers to the location of our publication of your work. For example, Facebook, Instagram, our Blog, or in print. If you wish to limit the channels you would like your work to be published, simply specify which channels you are or are not willing to have your work published, at time of submission.

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